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Automation of Student Affairs and Examinations

This system implements many automation of student affairs and examinations at the University of Aleppo

  •  Manage Registry Operations
  •  Management of students' selves
  •  Manage test scores
  •  Department of Teacher Affairs
  •  Printing student cards
  •  Checking and attending exams
  •  Electronic Fingerprint Device

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  • The main interface of the program
  •  Dealing with employee data.
  •  A review of the divisions in the company / organization ... hierarchically so that each section and its subdivisions appear
  •  Working hours of the roses, where a rosy can be added to include a number of workers and determine the times of their work and times of rest
  •  Compensation of workers where fixed compensation or percentage of compensation pay can be added and can be determined with a specific historical period
  •  Rewards
  •  Holidays (all types)
  •  Time schedule imported from the fingerprint
  •  Employees' salaries with their details (compensation, discounting)
  •  Prophets (approaching expiration of passport, approaching expiration of employment contract ...)
  •  Add new factor

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